Brown Butter Cake and Black Currant Jam

I am so excited to be working with my great friend, Fred Chang (season 10 + 12) on a MilkBar Inspired Collaboration! On season 9 of MasterChef, I was so lucky to be awarded culinary school paid for by Chef Gordon Ramsay. I was also lucky to be offered a job at MilkBar in NewContinue reading “Brown Butter Cake and Black Currant Jam”

Spaghetti with Miso Cream Sauce (vegan alt included)

I eat pasta way too much. I know this, and I’ve come to accept it. This is a recipe I found online somewhere and have made so many times its very different from the original. I took it down to bare bones and built it up back again. The sauce takes the same amount ofContinue reading “Spaghetti with Miso Cream Sauce (vegan alt included)”